Deforestation Paragraph

People and nature have a strong connection. Trees are like a good friend to humans in the natural world. However, people often cut down trees without much thought to fulfill their needs. This careless cutting of trees is called deforestation. Humans are the main ones doing this. They cut trees for things like food, shelter, and fire. People also destroy forests to make room for farming and homes. Deforestation is a big problem worldwide and has many negative effects.

When we cut down too many trees, it can harm the environment and make places unlivable for people. In Bangladesh, the amount of forest is only 16%, but it should be 25% of the total land. Having fewer trees puts us at risk of losing important things like good soil and plenty of rain. If we keep cutting trees without thinking, one day the whole country could become a desert. Fewer trees also mean soil can wash away easily, and this messes up the balance of nature. Deforestation also makes the Earth warmer, which can cause parts of the world, including Bangladesh, to get flooded by rising water levels.

To protect our country, we can do some things. Planting trees along rivers and shores can stop soil from eroding. The government should encourage people to plant trees and make rules so that for every tree cut down, at least four new ones are planted. Students can be motivated to plant and care for trees. Every person should remember that as long as we have enough trees, we can live well. Luckily, people these days are more aware of how dangerous deforestation can be.
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