Dhaka to Barisal All Bus Counter Contact Number - Barisal to Dhaka Bus service

Dhaka to Barisal Bus Services:

Non-AC Buses:

1. Eagle Paribahan
2. Hanif Enterprise
3. Sakura Paribahan
4. Sarbik Paribahan
5. Ranga Provat Paribahan
6. Ahmed Travels
7. Surjo Mukhi Paribahan
8. M M Paribahan

AC Buses:

1. Green Line
2. Sakura Paribahan
3. Sarbik Paribahan
4. Surovi Paribahan

Please note that we always try to provide the latest information. Any company may change their counter location or phone number at any time. If any company is misrepresented and the information we provide is incorrect, we sincerely apologize. We request your cooperation and that of relevant transport authorities to help us with accurate information. If you need the contact number of any specific bus counter, please comment below. Thank you.

[We do not provide any ticket purchase/sale services. Please refrain from sending emails or comments regarding this matter. Thank you.]
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