Ekota Transport Counter Number - একতা ট্রান্সপোর্ট বাসের সকল কাউন্টার নাম্বার

Unity Transport provides comfortable and safe Business Class bus services on the Dhaka-Bogra-Rangpur-Gaibandha route. They have excelled in providing the highest quality service, winning people's hearts and enabling progress.

Currently, Unity Transport offers bus services in various districts of Bangladesh. Among the best bus services in the country, Unity Transport stands out. Let's travel together with Unity Transport and have a safe journey.

Below are the contact details for Unity Transport counters in different zones:

**Dhaka Zone:**

1. Ekota Transport Mohakhali Counter
   Mobile: 01711-103191

2. Ekota Transport Abdullahpur Counter
   Mobile: 01712-287730

3. Ekota Transport Azampur Counter
   Mobile: 01717-551107

4. Ekota Transport Airport Counter
   Mobile: 01882-123299

5. Ekota Transport Chowrasta Counter
   Mobile: 01743-661707

6. Ekota Transport Kanabari Counter
   Mobile: 01752-224923

7. Ekota Transport Tongi Counter
   Mobile: 01772-115729

8. Ekota Transport Chaundora Counter
   Mobile: 01736-529098

**Bogra Zone:**

1. Ekota Transport Satmatha Counter
   Mobile: 05165458

2. Ekota Transport Sherpur Counter
   Mobile: 01711-411355

3. Ekota Transport Muroil Counter
   Mobile: 01713-722282

4. Ekota Transport Thanthania Counter
   Mobile: 05164582

5. Ekota Transport Santahar Counter
   Mobile: 01726-615334

6. Ekota Transport Cowmuhuni Counter
   Mobile: 01711-410464, 01758-877709

7. Ekota Transport Adam dighi Counter
   Mobile: 01713-724672

8. Ekota Transport Dupchanchia Counter
   Mobile: 01722-935818

9. Ekota Transport Gaibandha Counter
   Mobile: (Contact number not provided)

10. Ekota Transport Rangpur Counter
    Mobile: (Contact number not provided)

Please note that the provided information is subject to change, and we always strive to provide the most up-to-date details. If any company changes their counter locations or phone numbers, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. We request your cooperation in helping us keep the information accurate. If you require the contact details of any specific counter location, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

[We do not provide any ticket purchasing/selling services. Therefore, please refrain from sending emails or comments related to this matter. Thank you.]
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