Environmental Pollution Paragraph

Environmental pollution means big changes in how the air, water, and land look and work. Things like natural stuff and things people make can change the environment. The environment has important parts like people, animals, plants, dirt, air, and water. But, our environment is getting dirty in many ways. Smoke makes the air dirty, and trash makes the water dirty. Noise from cars and microphones also make the environment dirty. Even bad smells from garbage make things dirty. This dirtiness is really bad. If the environment gets dirty, life won't be nice or comfy, not even for a day. Dirtiness makes lots of people sick and even causes many deaths everywhere. We get really bad diseases from the dirtiness. It also changes the weather and makes disasters happen. Dirtiness messes up the balance and harmony of the environment. So, we must take strong action to stop the dirtiness. We should be nice to animals and plant more trees. We need to stop using chemicals too much. We must tell everyone about how bad dirtiness is. The TV, radio, and newspapers can help tell people. If we keep the environment clean, the next generation will have a good life without lots of sickness.
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