The Ant and the Dove Completing Story

Once upon a time, there were two characters in a forest: an ant and a dove. They were living their lives happily, but they hadn't met each other yet. One day, the ant got really thirsty and started searching for water. There was a small river near the forest. The ant went to the riverbank to drink, but suddenly, a strong current pulled it into the water. The ant was in big trouble and was almost about to die.

While all this was happening, a dove was sitting on a tree branch, singing its sweet song. It noticed the ant's desperate situation and felt sorry for it. So, the dove placed a leaf on the water. The ant managed to climb onto the leaf. The dove then gently carried the leaf with the ant on it and placed it safely on the ground. This act of kindness saved the ant's life.

From that day on, the ant and the dove became good friends. Time went by, and one day a hunter arrived in the forest. He spotted the dove resting on the same tree. He aimed his bow and arrow at the dove, ready to shoot. But guess what? The ant was watching everything closely. It quickly ran to the hunter and bit his leg really hard. This unexpected bite messed up the hunter's aim, and he missed the dove. Thanks to the ant's quick thinking, the dove was able to fly away and escape.

So, you see, the ant repaid its debt to the dove by saving its life when the dove was in danger. And the lesson here is that we should always be kind to all creatures and help them when they're in trouble. That's the moral of this story.

Hope you enjoyed this tale of friendship and kindness!
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