Unfair Means In The Examination Paragraph

Exams are like tests for students to show how well they know things. So, when exams happen, they should be done fairly and without cheating. I really want exams to be fair, and I don't like when people cheat. Cheating is bad because it messes up the point of exams. It stops us from knowing how good a student really is. People cheat in exams for different reasons. In many schools, teachers don't teach based on what students are good at. Some teachers only care about teaching one-on-one outside of class. Also, there aren't enough teachers for all the students in some places. Plus, students today are interested in lots of things besides studying. They don't try to understand what they're learning. They just want their private tutor to do everything. They spend time talking with friends instead of studying. Some even get involved in politics or waste time. They just want a certificate quickly, so they memorize without understanding. In the end, they want to pass the exam, no matter how.

To stop cheating in exams, the people in charge have done some strict things. They check students before they enter the exam room. The people watching the exam rooms are strict. The punishment for cheating has gotten worse. The people who enforce the rules are paying more attention to stop cheating. We're starting to see good things happen because of these actions. Before, students, their parents, and sometimes teachers would cheat in exams. It was so common that it became like a part of our culture. But now, because of what the people in charge are doing, it's almost gone away.
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