War Of Independence Paragraph

It's true that becoming an independent country usually involves a lot of struggle and fighting. The fight for independence is like standing up against those who are trying to control you and taking away your freedom. Sometimes, this fight involves a lot of destruction and people getting hurt, but it's how a country can show the world that they deserve to be their own place.

Bangladesh went through something like this. They were ruled by the British until 1947, and then they faced more problems when they were treated unfairly by people from another part of the country called East Pakistan, from 1947 to 1971. Under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh decided to fight for their independence on March 26, 1971. People from all different walks of life joined this fight with a lot of energy and determination.

The people who were trying to control Bangladesh caused a lot of damage to the country. They destroyed towns and cities, hurt and killed a lot of people, and did terrible things to mothers and sisters. After about nine months of this tough fight, the people who were causing trouble gave up on December 16. This day became known as Victory Day for Bangladesh, and it's celebrated every year on March 26 and December 16. These days are really important, so they're holidays for everyone. During these times, we lower our national flag to remember what happened.

People from different groups, like political parties and social organizations, come together to celebrate. They have parades with lots of colors, and they also have talks and meetings at schools to remember this important history. It's a time when everyone in Bangladesh comes together to honor their identity and their proud past.
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