A liar Cowboy । একজন মিথ্যাবাদী রাখাল । Completing-Story

Once upon a time, there was a cowboy who lived in a village. He had a field near the woods where he kept his cows. This cowboy had a habit of telling lies. He liked to tell made-up stories and tease the people in the village. So, he would shout, "Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!" even though there were no real wolves around. Whenever the villagers heard his cries, many of them would rush to his aid, thinking there was a wolf attack. They even brought weapons to fight the wolves. But the cowboy would just look at the villagers and laugh, saying, "No wolf, I was just having fun." He played this trick on the villagers many times. The villagers got really annoyed and went back home in anger.

But one day, a real wolf actually came and attacked the cowboy and his cows. The cowboy yelled, "Wolf! Wolf! Help!" as loud as he could, but this time, the villagers found it amusing and didn't come to help. His cries went unheard. The wolf ended up killing the cowboy and his cows. This was the consequence of his habit of lying. So, we should always tell the truth, because lying can lead to bad outcomes.
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