A Birthday Celebration Paragraph

I chose to have a birthday party, which makes me very happy. I asked my friends and family to come to the party. Last Monday, I turned 17 years old. That was in July 2019. I made our living room look really nice with decorations. Aslam, my friend, helped me do it. We put a special cake on the table and lit 17 candles on it. I invited my friends and family, and they all came on time, at 5 p.m. I blew out the candles on the cake and everyone clapped. We had a professional photographer taking pictures of everything. Some of my friends used their phones to record videos of the party, like Rouf, Robin, and Rekha. Tohura, my girlfriend, read a famous poem, and my other friend Rubel told a joke. Later, my mom gave out pieces of the cake and some snacks to everyone. We also had coffee. My guests really had fun. My parents, relatives, and friends gave me many presents. Some of my friends even sang and danced at the party. It was a really fun time. I will always remember this special party.
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