A Hartal Day Paragraph

Hartal is a word that comes from a language spoken in India called Gujarati. It means when people stop working for a little while to show they're not happy with a decision. You can think of it like a way to complain. Usually, a group that doesn't agree with the government's choice will call for a hartal. They do this to ask for what they want. On this day, the followers of that group stand in front of different places to protest. Students also stay home from school. Buses, trucks, trains, and other ways people travel are stopped. Everything becomes very still on a hartal day.

People who support the hartal walk together in a group to show they don't like the decision. They might also light old tires on fire and put them on the main road. They try to stop others from going to their jobs. Sometimes they even pour gasoline on cars or buses and set them on fire. They might also break the windows of vehicles that try to move around.

Sometimes, the police try to stop the supporters of the hartal. Then there can be a small fight between the supporters and the police. People might get hurt or even die in these fights. Many workers don't go to their jobs on a hartal day. Sometimes, buses, trucks, cars, and other things get damaged. This can make a country lose a lot of money.

Because of this, the government and the group calling for the hartal should try to understand each other. They should be patient and listen to each other's ideas. In my opinion, political groups should do their best to find other ways to show they're unhappy without causing a hartal.
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