A Journey By A Night Coach Paragraph

Traveling on a night bus isn't very nice. I had an experience like that once. It was on December 25, 2004. My dad and I were headed to Dhaka from my hometown, Laksham. We were going for my uncle's wedding. Our bus left Laksham at 10 in the evening. The journey was okay. The night was really dark, and we couldn't see anything on the sides of the road. Sometimes, I could see the lights from markets. It got later, and I started getting sleepy. After about an hour, our bus stopped near a market. When I woke up, I saw three members of the Bangladesh Police came onto our bus and looked around. They left quickly. After they left, I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. 

Then, when we were on Daudkandi Bridge, the bus suddenly stopped because the driver hit the brakes. About 10 robbers got onto the bus. One of them took control of the bus and drove slowly. The others started taking things from the passengers. They hurt my dad and three other passengers. They took many valuable items. When we reached Magura Paper Mills, they got off the bus. The bus driver started driving again. I spent the whole night without sleep. The journey was not fun at all. I can't forget how sad and scary that trip was.
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