A Village Primary School Paragraph

A village primary school is a special place where kids from the village go to learn. It's not like big schools in cities; it usually has just one or two small buildings, and they don't have everything they need. Most of these schools only have one building, sometimes with a thatched roof. This building has about 3 or 4 rooms where classes happen. 

In many places, there are two groups of classes. The first group goes to school from 8 in the morning until 12 noon. This group is for kids in the first and second grades. Then, the second group comes in at 12 noon and stays until 4 in the afternoon. These kids are in the third, fourth, and fifth grades. They do this because there aren't enough teachers for all the classes at once. Usually, there are only two or three teachers, and they can't teach all the classes together. 

The school is supposed to be in a quiet area, but the students make it noisy. When classes are going on, they talk and make a lot of noise. Some students are not very well-behaved; they disrupt the class and use bad language. Some even refuse to listen to the teachers. The teachers in these schools are patient and kind to the students, even though it's hard to teach in such a noisy place. So, a village primary school ends up being quite loud and bustling.
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