Automn Season Paragraph

Autumn is a special time in Bangladesh. It arrives after the rainy season. In Bengali, the months of Badra and Ashin mark this season. During autumn, tiny drops of water called dew fall from the air. The sun is bright during the day. When its warm light touches the dew, it looks like the dew is dancing in the air. This is when flowers start to bloom, showing off their colorful petals. One type of flower, called shiuli, fills the air with its sweet scent. 

In the fields, another type of flower called catkin begins to bloom. This is also the time when farmers' fields are covered with growing crops. The dew makes everything look even more beautiful. Sometimes, there are clouds in the sky, but they don't bring a lot of rain. The water in ponds and canals slowly goes away. This makes the environment clean and fresh. 

Farmers become happy because they know their crops are getting ready to be harvested. During this time, people celebrate different festivals. Nature feels calm and peaceful, because autumn is a time of plenty and generosity.
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