Climate Change - Paragraph - Free hand writing

Climate means the usual weather in a certain place. But the world's climate is slowly changing because of some careless things people are doing.

Climate change mostly means changes in Earth's weather, like changes in how hot it is and how much rain falls. This is happening because the air around Earth is getting warmer, and that's mostly because there's less oxygen and more carbon dioxide and other gases in the air. This warming air changes the climate and makes things like storms, floods, and other natural disasters that can hurt crops and even cause loss of life. Carbon dioxide is released when we burn coal and oil, and we're also cutting down a lot of trees that make oxygen and soak up carbon dioxide. Because we're cutting down so many trees, the Earth is getting hotter overall. Because of this, the ice on the North and South Poles is melting, and this might eventually lead to the sea rising and covering up parts of the land. Scientists are already warning that some places near the coast, like Bangladesh, might get flooded because of this climate change. To fix this problem, we need to stop cutting down forests on purpose. We should also plant more trees as soon as we can. And it would help if the media tells people about this problem so that everyone knows and can help.
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