Paragraph And Essay

A paragraph is a little part of writing that talks about one topic. An essay is a short bit of writing that also talks about one topic. They're not the same in length, but they're a bit alike in how they're put together. First, both paragraphs and essays start somewhere, have a middle part, and then finish. In a paragraph, the first sentence tells you about the main idea. In an essay, the start tells you what the main idea is. Next, in the middle of a paragraph, there are some sentences that explain more about the main idea. In an essay, there are paragraphs in the middle that do the same thing. Lastly, both paragraphs and essays end in a good way. They don't just stop suddenly. Just like a paragraph has a last sentence that finishes the idea, an essay has a last paragraph that says the main idea again in a good way. So, paragraphs and essays are kind of similar in how they're put together.
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