Polythene Pollution Paragraph

The creation of plastic bags has made life more convenient, but using them a lot is really bad for our environment. Plastic bags are really cheap, so people often don't think about where they throw them. The main reason for plastic pollution is people throwing plastic bags everywhere. This causes a lot of problems. First, people throw the bags into canals and drains. These bags clog up the sewers and stop the water from flowing properly. Second, plastic doesn't break down naturally. So, it doesn't mix with the soil and stays the same for many years. This hurts the quality of the soil. Third, it's hard to recycle plastic bags. If we burn them, the smoke can cause cancer and skin diseases. So, it's better not to use plastic bags. 

Because of these reasons, the government in Bangladesh made a rule against making and selling plastic bags. They banned using plastic bags for shopping. If someone breaks this rule, they get punished. But, not everyone follows this rule. Still, some companies don't make plastic bags because they're scared of getting in trouble. We should remember that using plastic bags harms our environment.
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