Population Problem In Bangladesh

Too many people living in one place is called overpopulation. Bangladesh is a country with too many people. There are more than 1000 people living in every square kilometer there. A lot of these people are very poor and don't have enough money. About 60 million people in Bangladesh work regular jobs. Sadly, around 80% of the kids in Bangladesh don't get enough healthy food and are not growing properly. Right now, the number of people is increasing by 1.5% each year. If this continues, in the year 2020, there might be 210 million people in Bangladesh.

There are different reasons why overpopulation happens. Some people don't really understand the problem, some can't read or write, and sometimes people have wrong ideas about their religion or believe in things that are not true. There's also a problem with dishonesty and people doing bad things, as well as people really wanting to have sons, getting married when they're very young, and more.

Having too many people in one place can lead to dangerous things happening. There could be more terrorism, which means people using violence to scare others. Also, natural disasters like earthquakes or floods might happen more often, and there could be more fights, stealing, and other bad actions because of all the people. Another big problem is that there's not enough land for farming because so many people need places to live. People are building new roads, markets, and houses, which means there's less and less space for farming. This makes more and more people lose their homes and live in poor areas.

The government of Bangladesh has tried different things to control the overpopulation problem. But these things might not be enough. If the people of Bangladesh don't understand the problem and don't take steps to fix it, the issue won't go away.
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