Your College Common Room Paragraph

Our college's common room is a nice place. It's located on the second floor of our college building. It's really tidy and tidy. And it's big, with four windows and two doors. The air circulates well inside. On the walls, there are pictures of famous people from around the world. The floor has a soft carpet on it. The places to sit are really comfy. The benches are nicely organized. Whenever anyone goes in there, they feel calm. We visit during our breaks between classes. Students from all grades hang out here. We have newspapers and magazines to read. There are even things for playing sports. Some students read stuff, and others chat or play games. Everyone keeps the place clean and nice. Nobody makes trouble. It's friendly for all students. Sometimes, the college sets up sports events in this room. Our college common room is full of things to make us happy and comfortable.
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