Your Country Paragraph

Our country is called Bangladesh. It's in a part of Asia to the southeast. It became its own nation in 1971. The land here is about 144,000 square kilometers big. Around 150 million people live here. Many of them follow the Muslim religion, but there are also Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians. Everyone lives together peacefully. 

Most people here work in farming. The land is really good for growing things like crops, fruits, and plants. The natural beauty of this place is really amazing. Nature gives us a lot of good things and is very kind. 

We have a history that we're proud of. In 1952, our people stood up for our language. On February 21st, March 26th, and December 16th, we remember important events. Our special days are April 14th, Eid, Puja, and Christmas. 

People here are really dedicated and work hard. We really care about our country and are always trying to make it even better.
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