Your Grandfather And Grandmother Paragraph

Everyone in our family looks up to my grandparents. They're both in their eighties. My grandpa used to be in charge of a school, and my grandma was a leader in another school. They really cared about their jobs. My grandpa was great at teaching English, and my grandma was awesome at teaching Bengali and Math. Even though they're not working anymore, they spend a lot of time reading.

My grandpa is a great example of being truthful, kind, religious, hardworking, and generous. My grandma is also truthful, religious, hardworking, smart, big-hearted, and diligent. Sometimes, we all chat together, including my grandparents, parents, and us. Our grandparents love our parents and us a lot. Even though they're very old, they can do things on their own like walking, eating, and bathing. They're really the best grandparents, and I'm really happy they're mine. I hope they stay healthy and live a long time.
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