Your Mother Paragraph

My mom's name is Mrs. Jahanara Begum. She comes from a nice Muslim family. She's in her forties and about 5 feet tall. She has some special qualities that make her really great.

First, she's really loving to us. She cares about us a lot. Whenever we get sick, she gets worried and takes care of us until we're better. She's always there for us.

Second, she's very religious. She prays on time and does all the things she's supposed to do for her faith. She tells us and our neighbors to be good and follow our beliefs.

Third, she's always positive. She thinks good things will happen in the future. So, if we have trouble with something, she tells us not to feel bad and says that if we work hard and honestly, we'll do well later on.

Fourth, she's really kind and giving. If someone in our neighborhood gets sick, she feels bad for them and tries to help with money so they can see a doctor. She's caring and wants to make sure others are okay.

Fifth, she likes peace. She doesn't fight with my dad, and she tells us and our neighbors not to fight with each other either. She wants everyone to get along.

Lastly, she's very gentle and nice. She treats our neighbors with respect and kindness. Everyone likes her because she's so friendly.

So, in short, my mom is a great example of really good qualities like being religious, hardworking, caring, friendly, and polite. We're really proud of her. We ask God to keep her healthy and with us for a long time.
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