Find out Broken Links and Fix it


Find out Broken Links and Fix it

Broken link are the one of main reason for decreasing blog/website quality. These are dead, broken, inactive links which is generally a 404 error. As a result, it can cause damage to SEO and page rank in Google Seaerch Result page. We will learn about broken link in details and how to solve this problem.

Broken link is such link, when we will click and open it, will lead to 404 error. That means that link is removed or changed or faulty or incorrect. If any visitor come in your blog for the first time and go to a broken link or 404 page than there are 88% chance that the visitor will never come back to your blog. So, it is also harming the user experience quality of your blog.

Reasons Behind this problem

There are some main resons for broken link problem. these are:

  • 1. Incorrect Link: Make sure you write all internal links (links of your blog post) and external link (links of other blog or website).
  • 2. Changing Domain: There could be broken links if you change the domain.
  • 3. Changing permalink of Post or page: If you change the permalink of any blog post or page, it can cause 404 error. Remember to also change the link everywhere you used it.
  • 4. Changing Site Directory: If your website is self hosted or then it can cause broken link problem in case of changing site directory of Website.
  • 5. Blog Comment: There are options to input blog url and autor profile url in comment section of blogger blog. In case of, inactive or broken blog or author profile url, a broken link issue could occur.
  • 6. Downloadable File Unavailable: Any link points to a downloadable file (video, audio, pdf etc) can cause 404 error problem if the file is removed or deleted.

You can do this manually if your site is new and there is not much inactive/error links. But it will hard if you already distributed many external/internal link in your posts. So, try online link checker tool which will make your work easy and save your time.

Solution of this problem

Here i'm sharing one of best Free - online broken link checker tool. With this tool you can easily detect inactive links and edit or remove them as needed.

To keep the blog healthy and top of the Google Search Result, you have check dead links regularly and edit or remove or redirect the link.


i want to give you a suggestion about the internal links of your blog, which will prevent error link problem in future.

When inserting any internal link in post, write it without domain link. As example, is my domain link and "/2020/10/fletro-amp-v52-gpl-webmasterbn.html" is the post link. The full link is You just have to write post/page link as like

<a href="/2020/10/fletro-amp-v52-gpl-webmasterbn.html">Fletro Amp v5.2 GPL Blogger Template</a>

Just like that you can overcome the broken link problem of your blog. If you face any problem or have any question please write down in comment section.

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