A cunning Fox and a Foolish Crow Story

Once upon a time, there was a clever crow. This crow found a yummy piece of food and flew up to a tree branch to enjoy it. While sitting there, a sly fox came by. The fox caught a whiff of the delicious scent and saw the crow with the food in its beak. The fox really wanted that food! 

But there was a problem. The food was up on the tree, and the fox couldn't climb trees. Even if the fox could climb, the crow would fly away as soon as it saw the fox. The fox couldn't convince the crow to come down either because the crow knew that foxes like to eat birds. 

The fox thought hard and came up with a clever plan. "I'll flatter the crow," the fox thought, "and maybe she'll forget about the food." So the fox put on its sweetest voice and said, "Hello, lovely bird!" But the crow didn't say anything. It just stood proudly on the branch. 

"I really wish I looked as wonderful as you," the fox continued. Still, the crow stayed quiet, but it seemed happy and turned its head this way and that way. 

The fox didn't give up. "Your neck is so graceful, and your eyes are so shiny!" it said. "Other birds must be really jealous of you." Still, no response from the crow. The crow just lifted its wings a little and looked down at the fox. 

The fox tried again, "If only your voice matched your looks, you would be the most amazing bird ever. Sadly, it seems you can't talk at all. It's a shame you're voiceless." Suddenly, the crow let out a loud "caw!" in surprise, and the piece of food fell from its beak. The fox snatched up the food quickly and went away.

The crow finally realized that the fox had tricked it, but it was too late. The lesson here is that not everyone who says nice things has good intentions.
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