A friend in need is a friend indeed Story

Once upon a time, there were two really good friends who lived in a village. They promised to help each other if they ever faced something scary. One day, they were walking through a really thick forest when suddenly, a big bear appeared right in front of them. Both of them got really scared.

One friend quickly climbed up a tree because he knew how to do it. The other friend didn't know how to climb trees and he was really worried that the bear would hurt him. But then, he remembered something. He knew that bears don't eat animals that are already dead. So, he lay down on the ground and pretended to be like a person who was already gone. The bear came closer and sniffed him. The friend made sure not to move and even stopped breathing. The bear thought he was no longer alive and went away.

After the bear left, the first friend climbed down from the tree and went to the second friend. He asked him, "What did the bear say to you?" The second friend smiled and said, "The bear told me that we shouldn't have friends who leave us when things are tough. Real friends stick together, especially when help is needed the most."
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