A Kind Hearted Boy Story

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Ahsanullah. He had just finished his school for the day and was heading home. As he was crossing the street, he noticed an elderly lady lying on the road. She seemed to be unconscious, and there was nobody nearby to help her. The road was quite busy with fast buses and large trucks passing by.

Ahsanullah got the attention of a person passing by, and together they carefully moved the old woman to the sidewalk for safety. Ahsanullah then found a rickshaw and used it to take the woman to a hospital that was nearby. When they arrived, the doctors quickly examined the elderly woman. They told Ahsanullah that her condition was not too serious, and after some basic medical treatment, she started to regain consciousness.

Curious about the woman's situation, Ahsanullah kindly asked her about herself. The woman shared that she had come from a village close by to the town in search of help. She had been begging for assistance, but the loud noise of a truck's horn had frightened her so much that she had lost consciousness. This is when the boy had found her.

Touched by her story, Ahsanullah decided to bring the woman to his home. He provided her with good, nourishing food to eat, and his mother also gave her some spare clothes. Ahsanullah's mother also gave the woman some money to help her return to her village. The woman was grateful for Ahsanullah's kindness and prayed for his well-being. With a joyful heart, she went back to her village, thanking Ahsanullah for his help and care.
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