A Liar Cowboy Story

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous cowboy who let his cows graze near a forest. He liked to tease people by shouting "Tiger! Tiger!" and pretending there was a tiger around. When the people heard his cries, they would rush to the spot, worried about the cows. But when they got there, the cows were peacefully eating, and there was no tiger in sight. They asked, "Where's the tiger?" The cowboy grinned and said he never said there was a tiger. He laughed a lot when he saw how surprised they looked. This made the people angry, so they left.

Not long after, the same men heard the cry again, "Tiger! Tiger!" This time, they left their work and hurried to the cows' pasture, thinking there might be a real danger. When they arrived, they realized the cowboy was tricking them again. They searched for him but couldn't find him. He was hiding in some bushes, watching them and enjoying their reactions.

Then, one day, a real tiger actually appeared. The cowboy got scared and ran to the men for help. But they remembered how he tricked them before and didn't want to fall for it again. They said, "You fooled us twice already. We won't believe you now." The boy pleaded, insisting that the tiger was there and attacking his cows. But the men ignored him and continued working, not even looking his way. Sadly, the tiger attacked the cows, killing many of them. Eventually, it attacked the boy too, tearing him apart.

The story teaches us that being dishonest and playing tricks can lead to others not believing us, even when we're telling the truth later on. It's important to be trustworthy and consider the consequences of our actions.
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