A Noble Deed Story

Once upon a time, some boys were playing cricket in a school ground. All of a sudden, they heard a lot of noise nearby. The boys stopped playing and went to where the noise was coming from. They saw a little school boy lying on the road with a lot of blood around him. People who saw it happen said a car had hit the boy. One of the boys knew the boy who got hurt - his name was Robin. He rushed to Robin's house to tell his parents about what happened. The other boys took Robin to a nearby clinic. Robin had a bad injury on his head and he was in a deep sleep-like state.

Soon, Robin's mom and dad came to the clinic. They were really sad and upset. Robin's mom even fainted when she saw how hurt he was. His dad cried a lot, like a little kid. He was saying that Robin had taken some money from him to buy flowers, because the next day was the 21st of February.
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