A rickshaw puller and a lottery ticket Story

Kashem is a man who pedals a rickshaw in Dhaka. He gives rides to people in different parts of the city. One day, he saw some guys selling special tickets that could win big prizes. These guys were trying to get the attention of people passing by. Kashem really wanted to try his luck, so he bought one of those tickets.

He knew the exact day when they would pick the winning ticket. He was really excited and couldn't wait for that day to come. When the day finally arrived, he bought a newspaper and started searching for his ticket number. And guess what? He found his number! He had won the top prize, which was a huge amount of money – 20 lac taka.

He felt incredibly happy and surprised. But then he didn't know what to do. He had so many thoughts racing through his head. He thought about buying a house in Dhaka that was already built and finding a nice lady to marry. However, even though he had all this money now, it brought him a lot of problems and worries. He had many things to deal with and many people asking for things. So, even though he had a lot of money, he lost his inner calm and happiness.
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