A Street Beggar Paragraph

A street beggar is a person who relies on the kindness of others. You've probably seen these folks around where we live. They often stand by the side of the road and ask for help. You might find them at places like train stations, bus stops, sidewalks, and markets. On Fridays, you might see them in front of mosques. Their clothes are usually really dirty and torn, which makes them look quite unusual.

These beggars don't seem very strong and they look like they haven't eaten much. Sometimes, they read out verses from the holy Quran to get people's attention. Other times, they try to show how tough their lives are to get some money. When someone gives them a coin, they say a prayer to God for that person. But being a street beggar is really tough. They only get a tiny bit of money each day, barely enough to survive. They don't have a stable life and struggle to have enough to eat.

It would be a good idea to help these beggars find better lives.
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