A Village Doctor Composition

In a village, there's a very important person known as the village doctor. This person plays a big role in the lives of the villagers. The doctor helps the villagers when they are sick, and they pay a small amount of money for the help. Because of this, everyone likes and respects the doctor a lot. Usually, this kind of doctor doesn't have a lot of education. They might have finished school until 10th or 12th grade. They don't have formal medical training like doctors in big hospitals. Sometimes, they learn by working with a real doctor and get experience that way. They also get some practical knowledge about treating people.

After a bit of training from a place that teaches medical things, they come back to their village. There, they open a place where they can give out medicine and help sick people. Even though they might not know everything, they try their best to help. Because they might not always know what's wrong with a person, some people call them "quack." But even so, the village doctor really cares about the villagers. They're very kind and want to help. They work hard from morning to evening, and if someone needs them, they will even go to the sick person's house. Sometimes, they walk around the village with a bag full of medicine.

During times when a lot of people are sick, like when there's a disease going around, the village doctor works even more. They stay with the sick people and help them get better. This makes them very popular among the villagers. The village doctor is really, really important. When villagers are in trouble, they turn to the doctor for help. Sometimes, the doctor even helps poor people without taking any money. The villagers can also get medicine from the doctor and pay later if they don't have money right away. The villagers trust the doctor and ask for advice about everything, even late at night. Some villagers are really poor and can't afford proper treatment. But the village doctor helps them without asking for too much money or even for free. 

The village doctor is like a protector of the village. Their work is very valuable. The government should help them get better training so they can give even better care to the villagers. Honestly, in the tough times for the villagers, the doctor is like a blessing.
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