An Instance of Devotion to Mother Story

Once upon a time, in a village named 'Bostam' in Iran, there was a lady who didn't have a husband anymore. She had a son named 'Bayezid', who was very precious to her. Bayezid loved his mother a lot too. One day, the mother got really sick. In the middle of the night, Bayezid heard his mother crying out for water. He woke up and saw that there was no water in the jug. He hurriedly went outside to find some water.

The place where they could get water was far from their home, but Bayezid didn't waste any time. He went there alone and filled a jug with water. He rushed back home. When he returned, he saw that his mother had gone back to sleep. He didn't want to disturb her rest, so he stood quietly next to her bed holding the jug of water. He thought that she might need water again when she woke up. He patiently waited by her side until the call to prayer for the morning prayer echoed through the air.

As soon as the call to prayer started, his mother woke up. She was surprised to see her son standing there with a glass of water. She asked him why he was standing like that. Bayezid replied that he thought she needed water because she had cried out for it before. She then asked why he didn't wake her up. Bayezid explained that he didn't want to disturb her peaceful sleep. His mother was deeply moved by his caring nature and devotion. She prayed to God, asking for blessings for her son and for him to be counted among God's cherished people.

Touched by her son's incredible love, the mother couldn't hold back her tears. She prayed to God, asking for a bright future for Bayezid. That's why, even now, we hold Bayezid in high regard. We remember him for his exceptional dedication to his mother.
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