Collapse of a Garment Factory Story

On a nice, sunny day, lots of workers were really busy doing their usual tasks in a factory. All of a sudden, there was a really loud crashing noise. This made everyone in the factory feel super scared. They didn't know what was happening. They saw the ceiling above them starting to break apart and fall down. The whole building was falling down too! The workers didn't even have time to scream because things were going so wrong so quickly. Everything happened really fast.

A bunch of people got hurt and died right away. Others got trapped in the broken pieces of the building. They couldn't find a way to get out. Some of them saw their friends and coworkers getting hurt and dying. Some were calling out for help really loudly. But the people outside couldn't do much except watch the terrible things happening inside.

Days went by, but the trapped people didn't get any help. People who rescue others and all sorts of folks tried really hard to save them. But it was really tough to get to the trapped people. Big machines had to move the broken pieces out of the way. After a lot of hard work, a few people were saved.

At one point, a rescuer heard a woman making painful sounds from under the broken stuff. But it was really, really hard to get to her. They had to make a hole to reach her. Finally, a rescuer was able to get close to her. The rescuer felt really sad when they saw how badly the woman was hurt. They decided that they absolutely had to save her, no matter what.

The rescuer used a machine to cut through some metal bars. But while doing this, a fire started. It was a big problem! The rescuer got hurt really badly by the fire and eventually couldn't survive the injuries. The woman trapped there also passed away later on.
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