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International Mother Language Day

Every country has things they can be proud of. Our language day is something special for us. What makes us even prouder is that it's not just a national event anymore, it's known all around the world. The International Mother Language Day is about remembering our language movement and the brave people who sacrificed their lives for our language. Now, people all over the globe observe this day.

February 21st is when we celebrate the language day. It's the result of protests and events that happened between 1948 and 1952. Back then, after Pakistan got independence, the government of West Pakistan made Urdu the state language and ignored the demand to recognize Bangla as well. This led to protests in East Pakistan, and in 1952, during a demonstration, some people lost their lives. Eventually, Bangla was recognized as a state language, and since then, we remember this day with respect and honor.

On November 17, 1999, UNESCO, a part of the United Nations, acknowledged our language movement and the sacrifices of the martyrs. They decided to observe this day internationally. From 2000 onwards, International Mother Language Day is celebrated worldwide. This recognition by UNESCO made our language day more significant and known globally.

UNESCO's recognition is not just about our language, it's about acknowledging that every nation has the right to speak their own language. They also want to preserve all languages because it's essential for cultural identity and diversity.

Since 1952, we have been observing the 21st of February as the language day in our country. On this day, we remember the martyrs, their sacrifices, and pay our respects to them. We have monuments to honor them, and we offer flower wreaths and stand silently in their memory.

But this day is more than just a remembrance. It planted the seed for our liberation war and taught us to stand up for our rights and dignity, not accepting oppression. It also showed us the importance of sacrifice for our country. So, International Mother Language Day has a deep significance for us.

We are the only nation that sacrificed lives for our mother tongue. It's a proud recognition of our history and achievements. This day emphasizes the value of our linguistic identity and diversity. We are truly proud that this day is recognized and celebrated worldwide.
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