Dialogue about city life and village life

Myself: Hey, Tanveer! Good morning. How are you doing today?

Tanveer: Good morning! I'm doing well. And you?

Myself: I'm also fine. How do you find my village?

Tanveer: It's lovely!

Myself: However, I know you prefer living in Dhaka city.

Tanveer: True, there are numerous facilities in Dhaka city. But village life has its own charm and is more interesting than city life.

Myself: Oh? How so?

Tanveer: Well, in the village, you can enjoy fresh air, a clean blue sky, lush green trees, and vast fields, which are rare in the city. On the other hand, city life lacks some of the basic facilities like reliable electricity, proper healthcare, sanitation, quality education, and efficient communication, which are more readily available in villages.

Myself: I agree with you on that point.

Tanveer: Thank you.
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