Dialogue about you and your friend on environment pollution

Myself: Good afternoon, Tania.
Tania: Good afternoon. How are you?
Myself: I am fine. And you?
Tania: I'm not doing so well. I have a headache.
Myself: I believe environmental pollution may be responsible for that. How is our environment being affected by pollution?
Tania: Air pollution occurs due to emissions from mills, factories, and motor vehicles.
Myself: And how does water get polluted?
Tania: Water gets polluted by chemical fertilizers, human waste, industrial waste, and other contaminants.
Myself: You're absolutely right. What about sound pollution?
Tania: Sound pollution is caused by motor vehicles, mills, factories, televisions, cassette players, and various noisy sources.
Myself: Thanks for sharing this information.
Tania: You're welcome, and thank you too.
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