Dividing the Bread Story

Once upon a time, there were two cats. They found a piece of something yummy and wanted to share it, but they couldn't agree on how to divide it. So, they started arguing.

To solve their problem, they had an idea. They knew a clever monkey who had a scale. They thought the monkey could help them share the piece fairly. They went to the monkey and asked for his help.

But the monkey was tricky. Instead of dividing the piece equally, he divided it in a sneaky way. He even took a small part for himself and ate it quickly. He did this again and again, making the piece of food smaller each time. The cats realized the monkey was playing a trick on them.

Finally, the cats understood the monkey's plan and told him to stop. The monkey stopped being tricky, but he still said he deserved the remaining piece of food as payment for his help.
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