Grasp All, Lose All Story

Once upon a time, in a little village, there was a man who didn't have much money. He had a special goose that laid a golden egg every day. This made the man earn money by selling these golden eggs in a nearby market. However, the man was really greedy. He thought that the goose only laid one egg each day. So, he believed it would take a long time for him to become rich.

He came up with an idea. He thought that if he could get all the eggs at once, he could become rich quickly. He shared this plan with his wife. His wife was smart and not greedy like him. She asked him not to do this. But the man didn't listen to his wife. He thought he knew better. Eventually, he used a sharp knife to cut open the goose's stomach.

To his great disappointment, there were no eggs inside the goose. The man felt really sad. His wife scolded him and told him, "You were not wise; you were greedy. That's why you lost everything."
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