Helpful Dove and Grateful Ant Story

Once upon a time, there was a dove living happily. One day, while sitting on a tree next to a river, the dove saw an ant getting water from the river. While the ant was drinking, a wave carried it away downstream where it struggled to swim back to the bank. The dove felt sorry for the ant and wanted to help. So, she broke off a branch from a nearby tree and dropped it into the water. The ant quickly climbed onto the branch and reached the safety of the riverbank.

Not long after this, on a beautiful spring day, the dove was perched on a tree, singing in a lovely voice. She was inviting her partner, feeling very romantic because of the nice weather. Unfortunately, a hunter spotted her and aimed his weapon at her. Just then, the ant arrived and saw the danger. Remembering the dove's earlier help, the ant hurriedly crawled to the hunter and bit him to distract him. The surprised hunter moved, making a noise. Hearing the noise, the dove was able to fly away and avoid being harmed.

Later, the dove met the ant again and thanked him for his help. They became good friends from that day on. This story teaches us that helping others without expecting anything in return can lead to unexpected rewards. When we selflessly help others, we might receive help from them in return, somewhere and sometime in the future.
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