Independence Day Composition

Every country has special days that are important to them. Bangladesh, a country that stands on its own, has one of these days too. It's called Independence Day and happens on the 26th of March. This day holds a lot of significance in Bangladesh's history.

In the year 1971, the people of Bangladesh were treated very badly by the Pakistani army. On March 25th of that year, the army did a terrible thing by attacking innocent and kind-hearted Bangladeshis. They hurt and killed many people and did very bad things to women. They even hurt smart and educated people. They damaged lots of villages and messed up the ways we move around, like roads, trains, boats, and planes.

After nine months of struggle, Bangladesh finally became its own country and didn't belong to anyone else. Every year, on this special day, we remember and honor the brave people who died for our country. It's a day of happiness and pride for us. We put up our national flag on important buildings and places, and everyone gets a day off from work or school. People who like art and culture organize shows and performances. The radio and TV play special programs for this day. People also play sports at schools and colleges to celebrate.

This day is really important to our country. It's like a big accomplishment for us. Now we're free and have our own rights. Every person in our country is now completely free. They are citizens of Bangladesh and have their own identity. People from other parts of the world respect and care for us because they know about our strong fight. They understand how much we love our country.

Overall, Independence Day reminds us of our tough struggle. It teaches us to stand up against unfair treatment. To make this day matter, we should promise to build a Bangladesh that's free from dishonesty and full of success.
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