My Favorite Poet/The Poet I Like Best Paragraph

In our world of Bangla literature, there are lots of famous poets. They've made our literature better with their writing. Some poets become special because of what they write. But not all poets are special to me. The poet I like the most is Kazi Nazrul Islam. People call him the rebel poet. He was born in Churulia, Burdwan, in 1899. He stood up against powerful people who were treating others badly through what he wrote. Out of all the poets, he was the only one who strongly opposed any kind of unfairness. That's why I like Nazrul so much.

He made really important poems like "Agnibina," "Bisher Bashi," "Chakrabak," "Badhanhara," "Rickter Bedan," and "Samyabadi." Those are his best creations. His poems and other writing really touch me. They give me hope and make me brave. Nazrul isn't with us anymore, but his poems and writing keep inspiring us forever.
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