My Favorite Sport/Game Paragraph

There are lots of different sports. One of my favorite sports is cricket. It's really interesting, but it can be expensive. Playing cricket helps keep our bodies healthy and strong. In cricket, there are two teams with eleven players each. They play on a big field and need bats, balls, and sets of stumps. The game is overseen by two umpires, and sometimes a third umpire helps when things get confusing.

At the start of a match, they do a toss to decide which team will bat first and which will field. The batsman can be out in various ways, like getting bowled out, run out, stumped out, or caught out. When a bowler throws the ball, the batsman hits it and switches places with their partner before the ball reaches the wickets. This scores one run. If the ball goes past the boundary line, they score four runs. If it goes over the boundary line without touching the ground, they get six runs.

After a break, the team that was fielding gets their turn to bat, and the batting team goes to field. The team that scores more runs by the end of the game wins. The game's length depends on how many players get out or how many overs are completed.

Cricket is very popular worldwide, and I really enjoy it.
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