My Favorite Teacher/The Person I like Most Paragraph

Teachers are like builders for a country. They are really important. When I was in school, I had many teachers. Out of all of them, my favorite was Mr. Ahmed. He's a master in English and a really nice guy. He's truthful, hardworking, and always on time.

Mr. Ahmed knows a lot about English language and literature. His way of teaching is simple and interesting. He talks in a clear and pleasant voice. Every day, he teaches us in a new and fun way. Even difficult grammar becomes easy when he explains it. He knows how to make us curious and interested in learning.

He's very helpful and friendly. He treats us like friends and helps us a lot. He even takes extra classes for students who need more help. He has some special qualities that I really like. He's very religious and always tells us to be honest and religious too. He motivates us to learn new things.

Because of all these great things about him, Mr. Ahmed is my favorite teacher. I feel like he's a caring father, a helpful brother, and a close friend.
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