My First Day at School/A Memorable Day in My Life Paragraph

Everybody has special things that happen to them and experiences in their life. I also have events and experiences in my life. One of the times I remember most is the first day I went to school. Right now, I'm in class ten. But I can still clearly remember the very first day I went to school. It was March 15, 2001. My dad brought me to Mathbaria Primary School. It was my first day of going to school.

At first, my dad took me to the Headmaster's room. I was really nervous, but then I saw the Headmaster's friendly smile. He was a very nice person. He asked me my name, and I told him. Then he asked me some questions. I could answer all of them. He was really happy with me. After that, he called a teacher to take me to my class. The teacher introduced me to my classmates. My classmates were really friendly and welcoming. I felt really happy. I will always remember these special times.
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