My Visit to Cox's Bazar Paragraph

Cox's Bazar is the biggest beach by the sea in the whole world. Everyone really wants to go to Cox's Bazar. I had never seen the sea before. So, I was very curious to see it. Last autumn break, I went to Cox's Bazar with some of my friends. We took a bus from Dhaka to get there. We arrived in the afternoon. We stayed at a hotel close to the beach. The next morning, we woke up early and went to the beach. We watched the sun come up, which was really nice. We were surprised to see the sea change colors often. Many people who were traveling were walking around. Some of them were swimming in the sea. A few of us also went swimming. We also watched the sun go down, which was amazing. It was a really beautiful sight. All of this, going to Cox's Bazar, is a memory I will always remember in my life.
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