My Visit to The National Mausoleum/ Memorial Paragraph

The National Memorial is like a special place that's made to remember and honor the brave people who fought in a war to make their country free. The memorial shows how much the country cares about them. On the last victory day, which is a very important day, I went to the National Memorial. It's located in a place called Savar in a city called Dhaka. I went there in a car. I put some pretty flowers near the bottom of the big structure there. This structure has seven really tall and strong towers made of concrete. Each tower is as tall as a 15-story building! They stand on a base that's as wide as 13 cars parked side by side. Right in front of the towers, there's a big pool of water. I took some pictures to remember the moment. I stayed there for many hours, just looking around. But the part that made me feel a lot was the place where the brave people who gave their lives are buried. I stood quietly in front of their resting places to show how much I respect them.
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