My Visit To A Zoo Paragraph

I went to a zoo called the national zoo. It's located in Mirpur. Zoos are cool places for people of all ages. They're especially fun for kids and young people. I really wanted to see the National Zoo in Mirpur, which is in Dhaka. So, a few days ago, I decided to go there. On the planned day, I went with some friends on a rickshaw to the zoo. When we got there, I bought five tickets and we went inside.

I was super amazed by all the different birds and animals they had. First, we went to see the cage of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The way the tiger moved around all proudly and royally was super impressive. Then we checked out the monkeys. They had such funny behaviors that made everyone laugh. We went to see lions, deer, zebras, donkeys, bears, snakes, and elephants one after the other. We even saw peacocks, ostriches, and other cool birds.

I got to learn a lot about how different animals and birds live and what they like to eat. I stayed there for about three hours. The memories and experiences from my zoo visit will always stay fresh in my mind.
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