Paragraph 21" February/ International Mother Language Day

February 21st is a special day with a lot of history. It's not just any ordinary day. We went through many challenges to make Bangla our official language. People even gave up their lives for it. This day is important because it marks the success of making Bangla the language of our country. 

Let me tell you a bit about what happened. A long time ago, the leaders of Pakistan said that Urdu would be the main language. But our Bangla language wanted its proper place and rights. So, on February 21, 1952, some brave people from our country protested against this decision. They stood up for our language and sadly, some of them lost their lives. We remember and honor these brave people like Salam, Rafiq, Barkat, and Jabbar on this day.

This day is a big deal for us. It's not just about our language, it's also about our freedom. By standing up for our language, we also stood up against the unfair control of the leaders from the western part of Pakistan. This event was like a spark that helped us move towards our independence.

Guess what? This day is not just important for us. People all around the world know about it. In fact, it's so special that UNESCO, which is a big international organization, has named it the International Mother Language Day. Now, every year, people from different countries celebrate this day to honor their own languages.

So, on February 21st, we remember those brave people who stood up for Bangla and made it our official language. It's a day of pride, honor, and a reminder of the power of language.
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