Paragraph Air Pollution

Air is important for life. Both animals and plants breathe in oxygen or carbon dioxide from the air. So, if the air becomes dirty, it's a big danger for everyone. That's why air matters in our environment. But nowadays, the air is getting very dirty, and this is a big worry around the world.

Air gets dirty in many ways. But it's worse in cities because cars, factories, and mills release harmful gases and smoky stuff that make city air really dirty. Also, burning trash and throwing human waste outside add to the dirty air. Cars that make lots of smoke should not be allowed. We should use clean fuel and use special air in cars to make the air less dirty. The World Health Organization says Dhaka is the most polluted city in the world. Breathing in dirty air gives us sickness like bronchitis and other problems with our breathing.

The best way to stop air from getting dirty is to plant trees and look after them. We also need to protect animals and stop cutting trees too much.
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