Paragraph Bad Effects of Smoking/ Dangers of Smoking

Smoking means breathing in smoke that comes from burning tobacco in a cigarette. Everyone agrees that smoking is a very bad habit. It doesn't give anything good to a smoker, but instead, it slowly leads them to death. People usually smoke because they think it helps them relax and reduces stress. Some also believe smoking makes them look smarter. People start smoking because of friends who do it or just curiosity. Smoking is really bad for the smoker's health. It causes many deadly diseases like cancer, heart problems, and lung issues. The nicotine in tobacco messes up blood flow in the body's veins and reduces the amount of oxygen the body gets. Smoking makes the eyes watery, bothers the nose, and makes it hard to think clearly. Smoking makes older smokers cough a lot. It shortens how long a person can live. It's also a waste of money. Sometimes, young smokers cause problems in society. Even people who don't smoke can be harmed by being around smokers. Many people die each year because of smoking. Smoking is like a curse on all of humanity, so we need to stop it. To do this, people should learn about how harmful smoking is. Advertisements that make smoking seem cool should be completely stopped. Most importantly, we should protect ourselves from this dangerous habit.
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