Paragraph Conflict

Conflict means a clash of values and ideas among other things. It's like a disagreement between groups or people where they don't agree and can act unfriendly. Conflict is a part of life that can't be avoided. We all have our own opinions and beliefs. We look at things differently and do what we think is right. So, we often end up in conflict. There are different reasons for conflict. It might happen because of different thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, wanting money and resources, liking different things, having different values and beliefs, wanting power and position, and more. Conflict has different types, like conflicts between people, conflicts within yourself, conflicts within groups, conflicts between groups. Also, there are fights about money, fights about values, and fights about power. Conflict is normal. People always have different thoughts and ideas. But the bad effects of conflict are very harmful. It can even lead to deaths and injuries. However, conflict isn't always bad. It can help us learn and understand our differences better. We can still live peacefully even with conflict if we know how to handle these fights and problems in a responsible way.
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